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Will a Deck Add Value to My Home?

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To deck or not to deck – that is the question. Actually, it’s not much of a question at all. Decks are in high demand right now! Nevertheless, adding a deck isn’t a smart move for every home. Let’s take a closer look at how decks affect property value so you can make an informed decision.

Outdoor Living Spaces Are in High Demand

Outdoor living has always been sought after, but the demand spiked during the pandemic. People were forced to spend more time at home, and they decided they might as well make the most of that.

The demand didn’t drop when stay-at-home orders did. It’s remained consistent ever since. Buyers and current homeowners want to make their homes as enjoyable as possible, including the backyard. Now is the perfect time to invest in a deck or expand the one you already have.

A Deck Could Set Your House apart from the Competition

Adding monetary value to your home may not be as important as adding desirability to your home. If a buyer is choosing between three similar properties in your neighborhood, the one with the big deck may inch in front of the competition. This doesn’t mean you have to add a deck before you sell, but it may ease your mind about the personal choice to add a deck.

Also keep in mind that having a sought after house could drive the sales price up and encourage a bidding war. The deck can only add so much to the appraisal value, but the perceived value matters as well. From that perspective, installing a deck is definitely a wise decision.

How Much Use Value Would You Get out of a Deck?

Will you use your deck on a regular basis? Can you see it improving your quality of life and the happiness you get from your property? If so, that’s value added!

“Value” isn’t just about money. It’s about the joy and enrichment something brings to your life. If having a deck would make you love your house and get more out of it, get a quote for one. If you can’t picture yourself using a deck, then perhaps there is a different home remodeling project with a bigger return for you.

Proper Installation Is Key to Adding Home Value with a Deck

Hiring the right people for the job makes all the difference when it comes to adding value to your home. Poor craftsmanship could actually hurt your property value, rather than help it. Future buyers will look at the work as an indication of other issues in the house. Choose the right deck installers from the start, and you’ll get the most from your investment.

J&R Pro Service has professional deck builders in Glen Burnie, MD and surrounding areas. If you’d like a quote for deck installation, please contact us at (443) 635-7964.



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